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Players Theatre & Players Workshop present MOMOTARO - PEACH BOY
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2020 Season  
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Players Theatre & Players Workshop present MOMOTARO - PEACH BOY 

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A long time ago, in the shadow of Ogre Island or Onigashimi, a peach floated down a river in the Village of Kibi. It was a gift for the elderly couple Ojiisan and Obaasan. A gift that destiny had promised them. Inside the peach was a child, a boy, and they loved him immediately. They named him Momotaro, or Peach Boy, but what did destiny have planned for him?

Momotaro grew to be a fine boy, a gentle boy, which is why he refused to learn the way of the samurai. But all boys in the Village of Kibi became samurai, otherwise who would defend the town from the Ogres of Onigashimi? How would Momotaro protect the ones he loves from the Ogres they hate?

Come adventure with Momotaro as he outwits the Ogres, choosing brains over brawn in his fight to change the fate of the village. Join our hero as he discovers his destiny. Don't miss this outstanding show which explores conflict resolution, courage, compassion, and promises captivating puppetry, powerful storytelling, exciting stagecraft, and a touch of magic. Momotaro - Peach Boy is sure to sell-out... Book early for this exclusive run!


 Highlights of the Show

  • MOMOTARO - PEACH BOY is an extraordinary piece of theatre for children, young people and families. It is topical, stimulating, creative, and has social, literary, cultural, and historical breadth.

  • MOMOTARO - PEACH BOY incorporates inventive stagecraft, outstanding puppetry, dynamic visuals, ingenious use of props, imaginative effects, and masterful storytelling.

  • MOMOTARO - PEACH BOY is a show with strong educational value. It:

    • Nurtures in children the joy of books and reading by linking the page to the stage.

    • Develops an appreciation of the folktale as a literary genre and puppet / fantasy theatre as a theatrical genre.

    • Is an introduction to Asian stories.

    • Explores conflict resolution and the concept of brains vs brawn in this context.

    • Explores the idea of courage and loyalty, to home and to community.

    • Explores compassion, especially in the face of an adversary.

    • Stimulates the imagination, inventiveness, and creativity.

  • Question & Answer Session. All our shows have a post-show Q&A session if possible. The Q&A helps young audience members consolidate their thoughts of the show, clarify any questions they might have on who, how, why and to ask the actors any questions about themselves or how theatre is made.

Players Theatre is pleased to be working with schools to supplement the Ministry of Education’s STELLAR Literacy programme with our literature based theatre exposure and experience performances.

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